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Ground 11 has clients and projects around the world, with work within the contexts of many cultures and landscapes, always developing new ways to express what makes each culture unique, as well as bringing to each project the exciting international components most complimentary to the audience, wherever (and whoever) it may be. This international approach means the team travels to every corner of the planet, gathering information and impressions that feed the design process. Ground 11 prides itself on learning from each culture it interacts with, and uses the experience to try and enrich it in whatever way they can, while celebrating and reveling in the freshness of each experience.


  • KP 113, Pune

  • Villa Restoration, Panchgani

  • The Lake District Club

  • The Open House

  • 62 Falcondale, Bristol

  • Sable Creek Residences, Sanger TX

  • Said Residence, Hargeisa

  • Patel Residence, Anand

  • Wallia Villa, Khanapur

  • Subway Container Outlet

  • Expat Housing, Sana'a

  • Ikosi Heights Club ,Lagos

  • Olivera Court, Lagos

  • Thahr Heimier Rowhouses, Sana'a

  • Djibouti Cargo

  • MSG Tower, Djibouti

  • Monolith 80

  • Alstom, Mundra

  • Anupam Group HQ

  • Tete Mall, Tete, Mozambique

  • Chrome city Club, Oragadam

  • The East Avenue Club, Wagholi

  • Waiyaki Mall, Nairobi

  • Womens' University, Accra

  • Seniors Housing, Pune

  • The Lake District School, Pune

  • Skills Institute, Pune

  • Sable Creek Commons, Sanger TX

  • Mombasa Is. Public Housing

  • ePark, Pune

  • Sana'a Capital mall, Sana'a

  • Calypso Extension, Ottawa

  • Anupam-MHI, Tarapur

  • Thahr Heimier Housing, Sana'a

  • Mahakay Eternia, Anand

  • Weikfield IT Citi, Pune

  • Ras Hotel & Towers, Addis Ababa

  • Competition Entry, Chrome City

  • Chrome City, Oragadam

  • Colors & Spice, Pune

  • Altair, Pune

  • Villa MSG, Hargeisa

  • Said Villa, Hargeisa

  • Department Store, Jeddah

  • Family Space, Pune

  • John Deere, Pune
Master Planning

  • Synchropia, Pune

  • Jewel Square, Pune

  • Power Point, Koregaon Park, Pune

  • Weikfield IT citi, Pune

  • Gate and Surrounds, The Lake District

  • Khayiyada Memorial Square, Hargeisa

Stuff we Love

At Ground 11, we know we have a lot to learn, and every day starts with the promise of something new. There are incredible people doing fantastic work all over the world: architects and designers who have inspired us and continue to do so with their work. This section is dedicated to those people who are our heroes.


SAFECab is a mobile app designed to empower women traveling alone or in unfamiliar surroundings to send location updates through SMS throughout their journey to chosen person(s).

This app has been developed by Pranav Iyer alongwith his with friends.

SAFECab is not affiliated with any cab or transport company and is completely free to use by the millions of women in colleges and universities, in the workforce and in the vibrant socio-cultural milieu of the modern world, who fear for their safety as they venture out of their homes or offices.


About Us

Ground 11 is a full-service architecture and urban design resource that concentrates on the built narrative – architecture, urban design and landscape – to make vital, exciting destinations out of clients' tangible and intangible requirements. It is a scaleable, modular company, combining the strengths of its own office with a highly talented and experienced network of consulting architects, designers, engineers and other specialists. In particular, Ground 11 revels in projects that pose unique challenges and require unexpected, innovative and highly creative solutions. Pranav Iyer and his team's skills lie in effective conceptualization, design and delivery of signature projects in several different countries and cultures, providing global design solutions in keeping with local technology and processes. Every project done by the teams in India and the United States is a design competition, where alternative interpretations of the design brief are extended into conceptual derivatives that bind the project, and hold the essence of the design through development. A large amount of work done by Ground 11 is research driven, where the design grows around an idea, or is a stream of thought that allows reinterpretation and re-evaluation of commonly assumed paradoxes. This keeps him questioning the established, and establishing his questions. Needless to say, every project concludes with more questions than answers – for himself – while the client gets better solutions. Pranav actively involves himself in activities including feasibility studies and financial modeling for projects, necessitating an often steep learning curve while working on projects in other countries.


Ground 11 architects works as a design studio, where every member of the team takes ownership of his or her work, and is encouraged to make mistakes, the more the better, and to learn from them. Each person within the firm is actively encouraged to pursue their own passions, including playing music, dance, writing, theater, fashion designing and many such that not only make the workplace positive, but help each employee understand and empathize with others. Seniors are encouraged to improve themselves and pass it along to juniors, and projects are occasionally designed through simply because they provide an excellent platform to hone and improve some skill or improve the functioning of the team. There is no direct micro-management where not required, and delegation is encouraged. Everyone is allowed to perform in a manner that brings out what they are best at. This improves morale, increases productivity, and allows for a much wider range of skills to be learnt.


Each project team is headed by a senior who is a mentor for the team. The team defines the direction and the narrative of the project, and all members are encouraged to interact with clients to understand the project and the client better. Projects are divided on the basis of criteria that include time frame, research required, resources available, and and mandatory inclusion of a team member who has no experience with that particular typology, to provide an unbiased design perspective during the process. Clients are encouraged to be a part of the process, and all sketches and process diagrams are shared throughout the project. The design process and its narration are considered equally important, to ensure the why is as important as the what, through all stages of design. The methodology of project design is a seamless transition through research, concept and design, often requiring an education in local culture, technologies and methodologies. Pranav and his team at Ground 11 have worked and continue to work in over 15 countries around the world, and still find exciting newness in it all, every day.

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Design Principal

Pranav Iyer, Design Principal at Ground 11 Architects and cofounder and design director of VIDA Design Inc, Los Angeles and G11 Addis, graduated from the Institute of Environmental Design,Gujarat, in 1998, and started a design practice in Pune, followed by VIDA in Los Angeles and G11 Addis in Ethiopia [More]


  • An architect &Senior project co-ordinator for Architectural and collaborative Interior Projects. Graduated from Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai in 2011, she has extensive experience of small to large scale Architectural projects in Mumbai, Goa and Guwahati. She joined the firm as an Architect, and now co-manages a sizeable team of the office.
Natasha has also worked with an NGO striving to create accessible environments, and has been an assistant faculty for Architectural design. With a passion for reading and art, she also finds time to contribute to the architectural community as a freelance architectural journalist, writing for magazines and newsletters. A number of her hand sketches have also been published as a part of the Graphic mini-novel - City of Dreams and Nightmares – Vol. Zero, under her creative handle - Nikolai.
    Natasha Shah
  • <strong>Shravani Ayyagari</strong> is architect & project co-ordinator for collaborative Interior Projects. She has work experience in Bangalore and Pune on a wide range of Architectural projects. Her attention to detail and a focused approach to design has led her to rise from a junior architect in Ground 11 to Co-Managing a sizable architectural team  in a short span making her the youngest project co-ordinator in the office.

Apart from her love for Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Shravani is a brilliant cook, treating her friends and colleagues to lip-smacking dishes when time permits. She is also a passionate traveler, and finds time to take trips to explore new cultures and vistas whenever possible.
    Shravani Ayyagari
  • is an Architect and Interior designer graduated from Sinhagad College of Architecture, Pune in 2013. She has a Diploma in Interior Design and a degree in architecture, rendering her a powerhouse of knowledge in the world of design. With a vast experience in Architecture and Interiors of Residential, Commercial, Mixed use Projects, she has contributed a lot to the design development of Residential projects in Africa.

With an aptitude of Architectural design and details, Neha delves into the study and crafts of Artefacts, and also loves travelling in her free time.
    Neha Agarwal
  • A  graduate from Priyadarshini institute of Architecture and design studies, Nagpur. After Internship at Ground 11 in 2013, Chinky returned to the Firm with extensive experience in Architectural and interiors design and execution.

With Intensive Design and Detailing as her strong suit, She is a vital contributor to phasewise design evolution of Architectural and Interior projects and also sees projects through as an sharp project manager and onsite co-ordinator.

Gifted with a Unique sense of Humor, Chinky develops her people skills by Exploring new places and Interacting with different people. The study of Human natureis her favourite pastime. She also loves indulging in Quirky craft with waste and recycled materials.
    Chinky Budhraja
  • Giving form to our aspirations, Sawan is the Head 3D Visualiser for Ground 11 Architects. With a diploma in Animations from the MITCON institute in Pune, Sawan joined Ground 11 in 2013 and has played a vital role in the design development of any project ever since.  From large scale town planning to the smallest interior design detail, he has provided a tangible point of reference for designers and clients alike, and thus successfully aiding every project taken up by the firm.

As an animations expert, he is extremely fond of the digital world, the play-station being his constant stress buster, which stands second only to his love for Cricket.
    Sawan Zadi
  • Communicating 3 dimensional ideas, both concrete and abstract through visual imagery, Siddharth is our second in command for the visualization department. With a diploma in animation from Frameboxx institute in Mumbai, he has been playing a vital role in our design and development projects. His erratic sense of humour and imitation abilities contribute to a lively work environment, keeping  tempers light even in the most stressful times.

With a penchant for Art and Animations, Siddharth closely follows Movies analysing the nuances of direction and graphics. Reading up on various mythologies and an avid console gamer.
    Siddharth Kar
  • An Interior Designer and Senior Project coordinator for Interiors. Graduated in 2005 from Manilala Nanavati College in Pune, Shraddha has extensive experience in Interiors in the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Sectors. An excellent team player and a brilliant co-ordinator with Vendors and Clients, she graduated from the post of junior interior designer to now leading a team of designers working on projects both in India and Overseas.

Her will for perfection also overflows into her passion for sports and dance. On a more spiritual side, she loves music and is an exceptional Guitar Player. An ardent animal lover, she would not step back from helping them in any way.
    Shraddha Pawar
  • An Interior Designer and team member for collaborative interior projects.  Graduated in Computer Aided Interior Designing (CAID) from Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture in Pune , Prerna  is a versatile designer, and often finds herself Multitasking between projects demanding Micro detailing of interior design details and projects demanding  Macro Concept design.

Apart from Work ,Prerna is a passionate dancer & choreographer. She is also often indulges her art attacks which involve experimenting with different colours and materials. She loves Travelling and pursuing adventurous activities .
    Prerna Jain
  • A graduate from College of Architecture, Nasik in 2011, she has since then been a part of a wide range of small and large scale architectural projects from inception stages to execution. Apart from Architectural design she has also explored interior design concepts for residential and theme based interiors. Her strong multidisciplinary design background and training, makes her an integral part of multiple projects in Ground11 ranging scales and disciplines, in scopes of advisory, concept designer or project architect. She Heads the Design team for projects in the United States and Africa.

Apart from being the Master of all trades in Ground11, Ketki is also an enthusiastic traveller and loves trekking, music and reading.
    Ketki Kansara
  • A Senior BIM Architect and Project coordinator for Architectural projects in Nigeria.  Graduated in 2009 from Allana College of Architecture, Pune, Aafreen has a vast experience in large scale Architecture projects in India and the Middle East and Africa. Her Aptitude for design is further enhanced by an autonomous diploma in Landscape Design. A result oriented and design driven architect, she has a track record of achievements in managing teams working on Complex Architectural projects working on all aspects from Concept to Completion.

Her passion for architecture and design is well complimented by her interest for Sketching and Photography. She also loves travelling regularly to new destinations and has a fond interest in Indian Literature.
    Aafreen Inamdar
  • A Senior Architect and Urban Designer. Having graduated from Allana College of Architecture, Pune in 2011; Amit went on to London where he attained his Post-graduation in Urban Regeneration from London South Bank University. Alongside being a design professional, Amit is also an academician at PVP College of Architecture, Pune; as a visiting faculty for the Habitat studio.

Amit’s in-built love and expertise of sketching since his ‘lego block’ age set the base for choosing to be an Architect. He identifies his enthusiasm towards Architecture with an easy going personality with an optimistic attitude to be his strengths to undertake any tasks and carry them out efficiently towards positive outcomes. He also revels in singing loudly towards the end of the day, often joined by Pranav, equally tuneless.
    Amit Patel
  • An Architect and project head for Collaborative fitouts projects. She is an Alumni of Chitkara School of planning and Architecture, Chandigarh, she joined Ground 11 with a fresher's enthusiasm and perspective and has taken the studio by storm. Her concentrated and focused training in Bangalore gave her experience with a number of disciplines ranging from Residential to Educational and Hospitality.

An adventurous and fun loving girl, Gunjan finds pleasure in travelling, reading, photography and astronomy. As someone who loves breaking out of the ordinary, her bubbly demeanor is a stark contrast to her disciplined and organized approach.
    Gunjan Nanchahal
  • An  interior designer and team member for collaborative projects. After completing her Post- Graduation diploma in Interior Space & Furniture Design, she has joined hands on experiencing work on other fields relating to interior design. Her skill set and interest in sketching, photography and woodwork gives her a strong basis for the studios interior design projects. A fun loving and an optimistic soul she contributes to the fun factor at the workspace.

As a stress buster, Devyani often resorts to swimming and painting. As someone who loves working with her hands, she loves exploring with different skills like pottery, clay work, woodwork and painting
    Devyani Deshmukh
  • She is an Architect and Interior Designer graduated from BKPS College of Architecture Pune. With a multi - palette work background in Institutional, commercial, Residential and urban Design Projects.  With an affinity towards designing public spaces, Poonam contributes to Large scale commercial and Residential planning and landscapes. She also is a budding multi tasker and is exploring Micro detailing in the world of Interior design.

As an individual with a strong thirst for knowledge, Poonam learned japanese for the interest in tis Cultural and architectural practices. newly introduced to the Architecture of music through the guitar, Her music interests vary from the classical Frank Sinatra to the more contemporary David Guetta. A former Swimming Champion, She still indulges in Adventure activities and loves travelling
    Poonam Katre
  • An Architect graduated from Sinhagad College of Architecture, Pune in 2013. She has enjoyed hands on experience in workshops for eco friendly construction as well as contributed to social causes in the design for schools and living quarters for underprivileged children in Uttarakhand and Working women for Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune.

With an extensive experience in Architectural projects in India and the United Kingdom, Rashmi has been an integral part of the Architectural design and detailing for residential projects in Africa.

In her free time, Rashmi indulges in other creative expressions. She enjoys and regularly competes in belly dancing events. She also enjoys travelling and is an avid Reader.
    Rashmi Soni
  • A Senior Architect and project Co-ordinator for Architectural projects in India. Graduated in 2006 from Government Polytechnic College Ahmedabad, Kruti has managed a wide range of Architectural projects across various disciplines from Residential, to Educational and Commercial, both Solo and as a part of various teams. With a positive outlook towards any difficulty and a never say die attitude, Kruti brilliantly balances a bustling family life with design & site co-ordination, with Contractors and Clients, making her a vital member to the Ground11 organism.

Apart from work, Kruti indulges in time with her two children. She also makes time to pursue her hobbies of Music, Dance and travelling.
    Kruti Khairnar
  • An Architect from Smt. Manormabai Mundle College Of Architecture, Nagpur. With a training program on cost effective design techniques and principles held at Laurie Baker Center For Habitat Studies, Kerala. She works on Residential Architectural projects and Commercial Interiors.  She has also contributed to workshops on field practice for students of architecture conducted by Association Of Consulting Civil Engineers, Nagpur.

Sheetal loves travelling, singing, crafts & photography. She is also a member of Aaranya Environmental Organisation, an environmental and social work organisation..
    Sheetal Kilawat
  • A graduate architect from BKPS College of Architecture. As someone who loves exploring new territories, Radhika has been a part of numerous design competitions and has also successfully led a team for Landscape Design. With an experience in Institutional, Cultural and Residential architecture and Interiors, Radhika joined Ground 11 as a Design Architect and works on design development and detailing of Commercial Interiors.

Radhika loves Painting and planning travel itineraries for her friends and family. Her passion for Baking has led her to acquire a certificate in Craft Bakery from Maharashtra Institute of Hotel Management and Catering technology.
    Radhika Umalkar
  • Payoja is an graduate from the College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. With experience in Residential projects, she became a part of Ground 11  as a Junior Architect and is now an integral team member for Interior Design Projects.

Apart from an intense work schedule, Payoja also manages time to pursue her hobbies of reading and model making and has an ear for good instrumental music.
    Payoja Rath
  • An Intern pursuing her Interior Designing  Lady Amritbai Daga & Smt. Ratnidevi Purohit College, Nagpur. Palak has been an active participant in her college editorial team and is an entertaining DJ in multiple college events. Palak likes to spend her free time in swimming, listening to music and cooking at times. She shares a deep love for animals, and is an encyclopaedia of bollywood music.
    Palak Patni
  • An Intern pursuing her architecture at Dr. B N College of Architecture, Pune. She has been a co-ordinator for a lecture series on Indian heritage and culture in her college. She also has participated in events such as the Pune Biennale, and seminars on inclusive design.

Shreya loves trekking, sketching and graphic design. She is also a die-hard Real Madrid FC fan.
    Shreya Bhave
  • Pursuing her architecture at Dr.B.N.College of Architecture, Pune. Brilliant at academics, she is a member of her student council and participates in various intercollegiate design competitions. She has also contributed to workshops on conservation & emergency shelter design.

Namasvi likes to invest her free time in baking, reading novels or painting.  She constantly is in search for new food for thought, reading up, or exploring the internet on topics across the spectrum - ranging from the likes of The Illuminati to the life of Elon Musk.
    Namasvi Patel
  • An intern, pursuing Interior Designing from Lady Amritbai Daga & Smt. Ratnidevi Purohit College, Nagpur. Ashna was a chief editor for her college magazine and has been co-ordinating many inter college activities and events along with her studies. She also takes keen interest in competitions and events -from IIID competitions to intercollegiate fashion shows.

Ashna is a great cook and treats her colleagues with her delectable food that appeals both the eyes and the palette. With a passion for baking, she hopes to have her own bakery someday. She has adeep affection for dogs and is always ready for unplanned travel trips.
    Ashna Gambhir




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